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Chelsea officially announced Drogba to leave the eight-year career curtain call of the Blue


Tencent (AP) Beijing on the evening of May 22,Snapbacks for sale Premiership giants Chelsea officially announced the striker general Drogba this summer contract expires after leaving the team. World of Warcraft has been in service for eight years at Stamford Bridge to clinch the coveted Champions League last season, the Blue Bridge, are also considered to have no regrets
Chelsea's official website headlines had a big title: Farewell Didier - Didier Drogba! The official announcement wrote: Chelsea Football Club confirmed that Drogba will be when the contract expires in June, left the team. "Sports Weekly" commentator grams Korea is also the first time announced by Tencent microblogging. Record to 34-year-old Drogba this season exploits, he became the hero of Chelsea, especially in the Champions League semi-final against Barcelona scored a golden goal, the final battle Bayern scored to tie the ball in the penalty penalty into the winning penalty in the war. However, this failed to move to Chelsea out of a Drogba satisfied with the contract ended in the final two to "break up".
Drogba emotionally express the reflections of his own to leave: "I wanted to put an end to all speculation, and I confirm that I will leave Chelsea this has been for me a very difficult decision, I am here I am very proud of results, but for me, is to look for new challenges. as a team, we have completed so much, to win every possible trophy for the club each and every fan, last week is a very special moment and I am proud to eight years in Chelsea,Florida Marlins which has been my home, we harvested many trophy. "
Then, Warcraft, also expressed gratitude to the team from top to bottom, "I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone, especially Roman Abramovich and my teammates, many of them have become my very close friends, I would also like to especially thank for so many years has been to love me and support my Chelsea fans and I hope the club the future all is well, continued success - you will always be in my heart! "
Drogba to leave Chelsea chief executive Ron - Gourlay said: "Drogba is a Chelsea legend and will always be part of the family of Chelsea, but he finally decided to leave, he felt he was time to start a new challenged Chelsea's official website the first time an overview see World of Warcraft Drogba -8 brilliant eight years at Stamford Bridge has done, and expressed feelings of nostalgia: Didier has served in Chelsea eight years, everyone in the club are grateful to his contribution to the team and wish him good luck and continued success in the future.
The eight-year career of the Blue Bridge, Drogba won three Premiership titles, four FA Cups, two League Cup, Champions League is now the most interesting. He has been named Chelsea Player of the Year, gains Premiership Golden Boot twice, NRL Snapbacks and so on. At Stamford Bridge, World of Warcraft Honor full house with no regrets, the next stop where? Super? Hengda? Shenhua? I believe the answer will be announced shortly after.